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Think back to life before the pandemic hit. A time when COVID-19 sounded more like a cleaning product than the biggest strain on global health and economy in decades. In a world pre-COVID, where most of us went out to work and came home to lists of chores to be done, busy lifestyles meant that competition for consumer’s attention was fierce.

However, with the past months forcing most of us to stay at home, the rise in our interaction with direct mail has actually seen a boom.

So, as direct mail marketers celebrate the rise in direct mail interaction by an incredible 11% year on year, could it be that this new record high looks set to stay?

The Power Of Direct Mail Marketing

We often hear reports on the rise of digital. Social media platforms and digital channels capitalise on the growing use of smartphones and online devices as a means of communicating with friends, family and our favourite brands. However, amid the rise in social, there has also been a great shift in our own preferences as buyers and consumers. Consequently, leading to an increase in the demand for more personalised interactions and communications from our favourite brands despite business doors being closed.

The fact is, there has never before been a better time to focus on the way you engage with your customers. This is regardless of whether your doors are open for business or not.  Whether you are a technology business, a large name in the grocery sector, a local small business, or an independent seller; it is essential to find new and innovative ways to retain your customer base.

Maintaining high levels of interest has required a shift in the approach to marketing. So much so that studies prove that back-to-basics direct mail actually has the desired effect.

So, why is this?

The Rise In Direct Mail Interaction: Understanding The Causes

In essence, the rise in consumer interaction with direct mail can be directly attributed to the simple fact that we are spending more time at home. By taking away our focus on commuting time and achieving the fine balance between a productive work and home life, we have spent the last few months with a lot more freedom. This is allowing us to focus on more of the aspects and details around our own home. This includes the things which come through the door and the impact we can have to help our own communities.

A study conducted by Whistl Doordrop Media reported that, during the second quarter of the year, when the pandemic was in its full swing, “all mail channels benefited in terms of reach, frequency and longevity in the home.”

This means that not only were more direct mail items being picked up and acknowledged by homeowners, but they were actually retaining the content for future reference – rather than being thrown away or instantly put down and forgotten.

Using These Lessons To Secure More Successful Campaigns

So, how can you make the most of this rise in engagement? It all comes down to adapting your marketing approach in line with consumer activity and behaviour. During lockdown, digital and social feeds became saturated with businesses and brands trying to throw their offers and products under the noses of potential customers. Meanwhile, the direct mail market remained relatively underserved.

Consequently, the brands and companies which harness the power of direct mail were able to ensure brand engagement. Businesses are able to stand out within a much smaller pool of competitors.

Furthermore, the more innovative your concept and material is, the better. There are lots of unique and interesting ideas which break the generic leaflet mould and allow you to really draw attention to your USP.

Perhaps the most critical aspect to consider is the feeling that a potential customer gets when they receive direct mail. After all, we all love getting post addressed to us. Receiving personalised content from a company or business which you have previously engaged with can genuinely be enough to reactivate your interest in them, or remind you that you need to stock up on something that they offer or sell.

The Balance Of Both

With the rise in direct mail engagement doesn’t mean you need to neglect digital strategies. There is a way to capitalise on both. Digital strategies can be an effective approach to mass marketing. However, the more targeted and loyal customers deserve an experience that will make them feel special. This experience comes in providing them with something tangible that they can hold, read, and interact with.

Remember, a direct mail interaction, however, has the potential to drive 92% of its recipients towards your organisation’s website. So by combining two powerful marketing strategies, you really can capitalise on all of the potential that your target audience has to offer.


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