“CMS Direct Mail has worked in partnership with many of the UK’s leading charities – providing high quality Direct Mail Services for over 30 years.”

We understand exactly what charities need from a direct mail services provider.

That’s why we have a dedicated Charity Account Manager who can advise you on every aspect of your mailing from VAT savings to database cleaning and GDPR compliance.

We know every charity has to manage costs – savings mean more money is available for your charity’s cause. CMS Direct Mail Services are committed to helping you find ways to save money on print, mailing fulfilment and postage – without compromising the quality of your mailing.

Contact CMS Direct Mail Services today for a quick quotation or expert advice. We look forward to working with you.

Data Cleaning Services

We can clean your data to full PAF standard, suppress against the Mailing Preference Service and the Deceased Register as well as identifying change of address and duplicate records.

Keeping your data accurate and up to date will keep wastage to a minimum and deliver stronger responses. Our experienced I.T. team can analyse your data to produce a free audit which can result in significant cost savings on print, fulfilment and postage.

  • Clean to Full PAF Standard
  • Suppress against MPS
  • Match addresses to Electoral Roll
  • Identify National Change of Address
  • Deceased Register
  • De-duplication
  • Full GDPR Compliance

For more information about how CMS Direct Mail Services can fulfil your charities data processing requirements see Data Processing Services

Direct Mail Printing

Having worked with so many UK charities over the past three decades, we know exactly what is required from a direct mail services provider in order to be an effective partner.

We can produce everything from the most common fundraising documents such as Extended A4 letters with perforated donation form to leaflets, magazines and full colour envelopes.

  • Overprint / Personalisation
  • Extended Full Colour Letters
  • Donation Forms / Tear-off Slips
  • Leaflets / Newsletters
  • Postcards / Folded Mailers
  • Full Colour Envelopes
  • Envelope Addressing
  • Freepost / BRE Envelopes

For more information see Direct Mail Printing

Direct Mail Enclosing

We understand that every single record in your database is a potential donor. That’s why we have invested in the latest camera verification equipment and software.

Every item is tracked through the entire production process – from printing, finishing and finally enclosing into an envelope or poly-bag.

Any items that need re-printing, at any stage, are automatically added to a re-prints run – ensuring 100% of your mail is printed, enclosed and mailed.

Advanced five-way camera matching technology allows for multiple personalised documents to be matched together for inserting into the same envelope. Documents can also be matched to addressed envelopes.

  • High speed, automated enclosing
  • Up to 8 inserts
  • C6 through to C4
  • Double / Miss detection
  • Camera Verification
  • Camera Matching
  • Polywrap

For more information see Direct Mail Enclosing

Mail Sorting & Postage Savings

In order to achieve maximum postage savings, address data can be mailsorted, barcoded or prepared for OCR reading at Royal Mail’s sorting depots. Significant postage saving can be achieved with the many options available for posting items.

We are accredited for every postal product from the three major carriers, Royal Mail, Whistl and UK Mail and will ensure that your mail is sent using the most financially efficient means.

  • Maximum Postage Discounts
  • High Sort
  • Low Sort Barcode / OCR / Mailmark
  • Unsorted Barcode / OCR / Mailmark
  • Business Mail / Advertising Mail / Publishing Mail
  • International Zone Sort
  • Daily Royal Mail / Whistl / UK Mail Collections

For more information about saving money on postage see UK & International Postage



The Importance of Direct Mail to the Charity Sector

Charity marketing teams can all too often become tied up with the internet and digital solutions such as social media. While it might seem a little out dated, direct mail is still a very powerful marketing tool with a strong return on investment for organisations that rely on reaching out to current and potential donors.

Any charity has to be careful about what it spends on areas like marketing. It requires understanding the balance between the benefit of attracting more people to your cause weighed against the amount that it’s going to cost you. The good news is that direct mail ticks a lot of boxes for the charity sector.

Get in Front of the Right People

Just like digital marketing, today’s targeting tech and list creation means that your messages are posted direct to exactly the right people. A company like CMS Direct Mail Services can produce tailored mailing lists, designed to connect with your demographic and location.

According to the DMA, over half of us are likely to open direct mail when we receive it and 27% of mail is still in the household nearly a month after delivery. Statistics as impressive as these are virtually unique to direct mail with click-through, open and read rates for online and email marketing languishing much lower.

Direct Mail is Underutilised By Businesses and Charities

You may think that direct marketing has been replaced in recent years – after all, we spend more time on our computers or mobile phones nowadays. However, people generally ignore email messages that come from people they don’t know. Worse still, your marketing mail can end up in the spam file without even being seen. People are, however, still likely to open an envelope or other mail piece that is posted through their letter box.

It’s something that many organisations and businesses nowadays simply overlook because they don’t realise how effective it can be.

You Can Personalise Direct Mail

As a charity, you ideally want to send a personal message to your potential donor. The more you can do that, the more likely you are to get a positive response. You can customise your message throughout and also change the message depending on the demographic or location you are targeting.

Multiple personalised documents, such as a appeal letter and donation form – pre-filled with the recipients data – can be matched and enclosed into the same envelope using the latest camera matching equipment installed onto our enclosing machines.

Personalisation is known to increase response rates significantly and should not be overlooked when planning your next campaign.

It’s Familiar

Many people still come down in the morning to open their mail. If you have a convincing message and target the right audience, it’s almost guaranteed to be opened and read. You can’t say that for a lot of digital marketing nowadays. Not only that, mail has a tendency to remain on view for example on desks and kitchen tables, allowing for potential action by the recipient after initially opening the item.

It’s Easier Than You Think

Organising a mail campaign for your charity might seem like a big job but it’s actually quite easy. At CMS, we’re able to work with you to find the right demographics to target as well as helping you build your database and create that all important copy too. We’ll be able to put in place the processes that enable you to measure the response you get so you can quickly see how that effects your return on investment.

Direct mail can be used to support other campaigns that you may have in the digital world such as social media or video adverts. For charities that are searching for marketing flexibility and penetration, this is undoubtedly a strong and affordable tool to add to the mix.

We will help you to target the right people and craft a strong message, direct mail enables you to quickly and effectively reach out to existing and potential donors.

If you’d like to find out more, contact our friendly and experienced team at CMS Direct Mail Services today.


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