“From smaller jobs to much larger runs of several hundred thousand, we have the care and resources to post your job on time, every time.”

We have continued to invest heavily in equipment that enables us to produce higher quality mail with ever increasing efficiency. This means we can offer a broader range of enclosing options at the most competitive rates.

Strict quality control procedures ensure that every stage of production is carefully checked to maintain the highest levels of quality and reliability.

Advanced detection systems prevent missing / duplicate items to ensure the integrity of each mailing is never compromised.

Camera Verification

Understanding that every single mail-piece in a job is important, we have invested in the latest camera verification equipment to ensure every record from your database is accounted for. Every item is tracked through the entire production process – from printing, finishing and finally enclosing into an envelope or poly-bag.

Any items that need reprinting, at any stage, are automatically added to a reprints run ensuring 100% of your mail is printed, enclosed and mailed.

  • 100% Mailing Rule
  • Item Tracking
  • Audit Trail
  • Automatic Reprint

Camera Matching

We can also match multiple personalised documents using advanced five-way camera matching technology – enabling us to enclose up to five personalised documents into the same envelope with 100% accuracy. Personalised documents can also be matched to an addressed outer envelope.

  • Up to 5 documents
  • Match inserts to envelope

Envelope Enclosing

  • High speed, automated enclosing
  • Up to 8 inserts
  • C6 through to C4
  • Camera Verification
  • Camera Matching


  • High speed, automated poly-wrap
  • Up to 4 inserts
  • A5 through to A3
  • Camera Verification
  • Camera Matching

Hand Enclosing

Sometimes items need to be sent that just cannot be enclosed / packed on an automated machine. In these cases, we call upon our dedicated hand enclosing team. Whether it’s pens, badges, mouse-mats or other marketing material, we can handle it with speed, efficiently and at competitive rates.

  • Non-machineable envelopes
  • Non-machineable inserts (pens, badges etc)
  • Unlimited inserts


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What Our Customers Say...

We have been impressed with your operation and all feedback from my team has always been positive. We have valued the flexibility and co-operation that we have received when under pressure to meet timescales.

Institute of Directors

We have worked with CMS for many direct mail campaigns and have been provided with an excellent service on each occasion. There service is flexible, professional and efficient.


We receive a very efficient and professional service from CMS and enjoy the working relationship.


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