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Direct Mail has been around since the late 1800s and ever since then it has been a tried and tested form of winning and retaining customers. In the modern digital age where the task of winning a consumer’s attention is increasingly difficult, it is more important to use this valuable, trusted marketing tool.

Direct Mail Gets Noticed

Direct Mail gets noticed. Recipients are more likely to notice, open, read and act upon printed marketing compared to digital counterparts. Two out of three of us open all of the promotional mail we receive and 75% of us read it once opened. Conversely, over half of all emails are deleted within 2 seconds with a vast amount not even reaching recipients’ inboxes due to spam filters.


Building upon the ability of Direct Mail to get noticed, is another trait which improves its effectiveness as a marketing tool. Direct Mail has an almost unique characteristic of persisting to advertise well after the initial ‘strike’ of being received and opened. It is often kept within people’s homes and offices for example on tables and desks or stuck to fridges and notice boards. Direct mail is often shared with family members once opened, further increasing its audience. 57% say they are more likely to remember a message sent by mail.

It’s Personal

Receiving mail is an engrained part of nearly everyone’s daily routine. Often before or after work, a few minutes is usually set aside, automatically, to pick up and sort the mail. This creates a valuable window of opportunity in which businesses can engage, personally and tangibly with their customers. Digital mail by contrast is checked on the move or while busy at work. We are often pre-occupied when receiving digital messages which makes the job of retaining attention and inspiring a call to action much harder.

Brand Image

The image of Direct Mail has increased in the digital age with email and online advertising earning a poor reputation for being untrustworthy and ‘spam’ orientated. 56% still say mail is the most trust worthy medium and a further 57% feel more valued after receiving mail.

In summary, it has become obvious that Direct Mail is an essential part of modern day marketing. Its ability to be noticed and create personal, valued and emotional engagement with existing and potential customers is second to none. In a digital age where competition is high and gaining people’s full attention hard to achieve, can you afford to overlook the oldest trick in the book when it comes to advertising?

If you would like help and advice on creating a Direct Mail campaign or would like to discuss possible ways to save money on existing campaigns, CMS Direct Mail’s dedicated account managers are on hand to assist in any way possible.

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