What is a Mailing House?

A mailing house is a company that prepares direct mail (printed documents) for posting in bulk. The process usually involves printing variable data (names, addresses, membership numbers etc) from a database onto base letters, advertising material or transaction documents (bills, statements). These documents are often combined with other items such as leaflets, brochures, donation forms or return envelopes and enclosed into an envelope or polybag before being submitted to a delivery partner such as Royal Mail or Whistl.

Why Use a Mailing House?

Choosing a dedicated direct mail company such as CMS for your next mailing will provide many benefits:


We have been providing quality direct mail services for over 30 years. Our vast experience allows us to plan your mailing campaigns in meticulous detail, ensuring costly mistakes and poor practice is eliminated.


Our production class printers, finishing equipment and high speed automated enclosing machines enable us to produce literally thousands of finished mailing pieces every hour. Production time is vastly improved compared with hand-filling or using desktop enclosing machines

Print Cost Savings

The cost of using a mailing house to produce your mailing material for you is nearly always offset by the cost savings that only a professional mailing house can offer. Our heavy investment in the latest printing technology and high production volumes result in cheaper printing costs.

Postage Cost Savings

We are accredited for every discounted mailing option from the three leading UK postal providers – Royal Mail, UK Mail and Whistl. We can cross match your data with Royal Mail Selection files (mailsort), generate postal barcodes (mailmark) or prepare your mailing for OCR reading at nationwide sorting depots to obtain generous savings on postage costs which are then passed onto you.


Printing variable data documents, and enclosing into envelopes or polybags brings with it obvious potential for mistakes occurring during the production process. Possible mistakes include data processing errors, duplicate prints, missing / duplicate items enclosed into a single envelope to name a few.

At CMS however, we have always striven to achieve maximum accuracy.

We have invested in state-of-the-art camera verification equipment to ensure the integrity of your mailing is never compromised. Every item is tracked through the entire production process and an audit trail recorded. Any re-prints, at any stage, are automatically added to a re-prints run ensuring 100% of your mail is printed, enclosed and mailed.


What Our Customers Say...

We have been impressed with your operation and all feedback from my team has always been positive. We have valued the flexibility and co-operation that we have received when under pressure to meet timescales.

Institute of Directors

We have worked with CMS for many direct mail campaigns and have been provided with an excellent service on each occasion. There service is flexible, professional and efficient.


We receive a very efficient and professional service from CMS and enjoy the working relationship.